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Restored Vespa Lambretta Scooters from ClassicalWheels. Featuring Beautiful Fine Restored Classic Vespa 150cc models 1960 to 1971 VBB, VBC & VLB.
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 “Quality has no price, it is priceless.”

We have consulted with a group of Electrical and Mechanical engineers who graduated from Polytechnic University of New York to develop Testing Methods, Specifications and Procedures for all restoration parts. Our team’s combined experience helps us to restore real quality products and you will have trouble free scooters. We try to keep original configurations and specifications as close to original as we can. The Italians invented and designed these scooters and no modifications are suggested such add-on starters, modified electrical systems, modified dampers and so on. We think such add-ons or modifications are not scientifically proven to work, and they may cause more problems later on. Anyhow, those changes would affect the true meaning of a “Classically” restored scooter.

“Lemons are cheap. Don’t spend money for a lemon scooter; get a“ Quality Classical Scooter”.

Our factory is overseas due source availability and labor cost issues. We stand by and guarantee our products will be as good as the original or better and provide a lower cost to you. We constantly train our staff and adapt new quality standards and specifications that will bring our scooters back to the manufacturers original factory specifications and quality. After January 2003, we established a mechanic team in US to work on our engines. Most of them are member of motorcycle racing team. They know what SAFETY means..

“Don’t risk your life on the road by purchasing a cheap “chop shop” scooter.”

High Tech Equipment: We pride ourselves in investing in the latest hi-tech equipment and in keeping our facility modernized and up to date:

  • Paint and Oven room: A dust-free environment that allows a much more reliable and cleaner paint on scooter. We cure all paint jobs in our heating Oven. This will harden the paint quicker to avoid less damage the surface.

  • Sand blaster-cleaning equipment: consistently clean in every corner, socket, and bolt holes. This air-sand operation will clean all parts that are normally hard to access during restoration.

  • Air powered hand tools:  All tools are air-powered and torque controlled. This allows us to set the appropriate torque for each nut and bolt, maintaining the original factory specifications. This process adds strength and to avoid over stressing your new classic scooter.

Restoration process:
  • All scooters are stripped down to bare metal. All rubber, plastic, leather, aged- aluminum trim, cover, electrical wires and harness are thrown away.

  • Body frames are sent to body shop to be inspected. After sanding it down to bare metal, we inspect them by magnifier for cracks, lack of welding material and alignment. After inspecting we coated with primer the finish with final shining coat.

  • For rebuilt Engine:  Castings are cleaned using a sand blaster and then checking for any cracks, stripped threads, bearing surface tolerances etc.. We reassemble and replace all NEW parts and upgrade it to 12V CDI electrical system for better lighting, horn and easy to start-up, No need to adjust timing as original system using Point.

  • For BRAND NEW Engine: we install brand new engine from factory right out of the box. Of course, it is more expensive but it will last for long long time.

  • We replace all rubber hoses, brakes shoes, shocks, spring, seats, tires, tubes, cables, electrical wire system, odometer, leg shield trim, floor strips, crash bars. We try not to use chrome parts if the polished stainless steel parts are available. The reasoning for this is the chrome will fade with time. Stainless steel parts are a little more expensive but last forever.

  • Wheel  Upgrading: We upgrade all of our scooters to 10" wheels for better handling and performing. Cars are getting bigger wheels model after model. Why not our Scooters!

  • We perform much more than listed here to get your Classic Scooter restored, please see each scooter picture for details.

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 Visit our shop for restoration process.

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