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Restored Vespa Lambretta Scooters from ClassicalWheels. Featuring Beautiful Fine Restored Classic Vespa 150cc models 1960 to 1971 VBB, VBC & VLB.
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Message board

Scooters from California Warehouse: Will come with all paper works to obtain a Title from your local DMV.

Scooters from our factory in Vietnam: if buyer imported directly from our factory, Price will be cheaper but some involvements are required and here are Importing procedures:

To U.S. Importing Process:

These scooters are more than 25 years old, pre-1969 . There will be no duty tax on them.

Step 1: When scooter comes to Los Angeles Port , shipper in U.S. will notify you of your scooter’s arrival, and you pay for shipping fee ( and other fees) by sending them a check .  After that , shipper will arrange trucking  your scooter to your town  and they will let you know the address and phone number of the local warehouse. 

Step 2: Bring all papers ( we send you) to warehouse and pick up Customs Clearance form , fill it out and pay $9 for processing at Customs Area and about ~$49 bond fee. Also sign EPA form ( Environment Protection Agency). No duty tax is applied. 

Step 3: Bring back all forms and pay for warehouse fee, forklift to your truck and drive home . ( You need a truck or trailer, each scooter crate weights around 400 pounds and it won't fit in any small Van ).

 NOTE: If you want to have an Agent to have Customs Clearance for you then contact local warehouse , clerks will recommend you one and there is a fee ( around $100).  When Agent gets it done, you just come to pick it up with your truck.


Ware house allows you 5 days for whole process, any delays , some fee will apply. Good idea is to pick up on time. There are some other fees such Handing fee, Destination charge and also your scooter will required to go to CHP for checking before you can get it to DMV for Titling.

Other Countries: You may pay some duty tax on your scooter such U.K. 6.8%. New Zealand is 12%.  Please check your country regulation before ordering. Japan, need to pay some VAT tax.. around %10 of invoice value.. Shipping is real cheap though

Online Operating Manual:

Before cruising your new scooter, please get yourself familiar with the following features, also remember this rule:

Break In Your Engine For  maximum performance, reliability and longevity.
No matter how well and careful an engine is rebuilt, it's always  needed to have a break-in. Should be gentle for first 100 miles. Even we do bench burn-in for each engine but Break-in is necessary. Cruise slowly, shifting gears, test brakes for about first 100 miles so all new parts adjust themselves to each others, especially Piston, rings and Cylinder.

Make are Fuel Tap switch is "On" position, Tap point s up to sky. When you have to use Reserve gas ( R), better looking for Gas station and fill Gas ( don't forget to mix 2% of motor oil ( 2 stroke oil is suggested and any unleaded gas is usable)

Kick Start once, if it does not start, pull out the choke then kick again.  when it already runs, Push the choke in before cruising. Always warm up before riding

Always make sure Gear is in Neutral position before starting (dot-to-dot, Not dot to number). Squeeze the clutch lever before shifting gears, just like operating manual transmission in your car.


Square button is engine killed switch. will stop engine. 

Round button is for horn. Tee-tee is the original sound ( soft funny sound ) Not like modern  Beam-beam  horn today.. We replaced new horn to some of our scooters, that gives better sound.

Front brake lever is here in this right side of handle bar.

The rest of switches are for lights.

And yet! After all, you need brakes for stopping the bike. Using floor rear brake is preferred first then front one. Have fun!



To access to gas tank of model with long seat, push the rear of the seat and lift at the same time

Operating, maintenance and troubleshooting tips:

  1.  Remember to mix 2% motor oil ( or 2 stroke oil is suggested) to gas (any kinds of unleaded gas is useable). For example: mix about 3.2 Fl oz of motor oil to 1 gallon of gas. Use mixture cup we provided..If you don't have one, buy one locally or contact us..

  2. Never twist gear handle (left handle) when engine is not running and Clutch lever is not squeezed in. (This becomes a habit to every one when he/she sees a Vespa, always tries to twist this handle.). This may cause push-pull cables in gear selector losing tighten nuts.

  3. Always make sure gear handle at Neutral position (the dot-mark, NOT 1 or 2) when starting the engine.

  4. Never try to push your scooter when gear is not in Neutral position, this may cause gear cables loose.

  5. Don’t pull the choke when don’t need to. If engine can not start after a couple of kicks then pull the choke, when engine starts, push it back in place.

  6. When engine can not start, could be no gas or no spark. Check gas to On position, check Switch to On position. It is fun to get handy, remove the left cover and remove spark. Tool is provided if it is our scooters, if not try to get one from local shop. After removing spark, inspect carefully. If it so dried then there is no gas, if it is so wet then no spark or if it is so black oily color then you must have mixed too much oil to gas, it makes difficult to start engine.

  7. Always find local repair shop you may need it for service and repaired.

  8. Washing: Best way is using soft tower with soap water. DO NOT spray water directly to engine, it is not waterproof type.

  9. Always check brakes after washing DO NOT accelerate right after washing. TEST brakes first!

  10. When cruising, use rear brake first (pedal on floor) before using front brake (right level). Never use front brake to stop the scoot alone. Very dangerous! You may fall.

  11. Changing motor oil every 1000 miles is recommended.

  12. Helpful

Promotion Gifts/Deals:

We are now including a $50 value gift for our customers who buy our scooters.

Scooter cover: protects your scooter from rain, sunlight and dust.

Mixture Cup: %2 oil mixture cup.. Not to worry,  too much or too less.. ;-)..extend life of your engine..

Floor Mat with our Logo

Announcement: Congratulations to Rebecca McCabe who won our built Vespa @  Amerivespa 2003 ( Vespa Club of America ),, Raffle Vespa  donated by  Classic-Vespas .

2 port -vs-3 port-vs-5 port technology diffrences

There are some questions about 2 port , 3 port and 5 port engines. Here are some illustrations that may help customers to understand more. Basically there are more transfer ports inside cylinders, more ports will help to intake more air and gas to engine, will increase power this way. See pictures below






Fun technical facts:

  1.  What is ACMA Vespa ? ACMA stands for Atelliers de Construction de Motocycles et d’Accessories and imported by French beginning 1950 and ended in 1962.

  2. What is GS model? Grand Sport.

  3. What kind of transmission? 3 or 4 gear hand shift manual transmission.

  4. How strong is this 150-cc classic Vespa? Generates about 6 horsepower, GS model generates 8 horsepower.

  5. What size of those wheels.? Standard models have 8 inch wheels (probably from 1948 up to 1965 standard models, but GS model has 10 inch wheels). Later models have 10-inch wheels like Super or Sprint.

  6. What is top speed? Varies! 125cc 1948 top speed of 45 miles per hour. 150cc Standard top speed of around 60 mph.  Rally 200 could do up to 70mph Whoa!

  7. What is horsepower? Horsepower is an Unit to measure power, 1 horsepower is equal to 746W ( in honor James Watt who improved steam engines in old days). So if some one says 150cc  Standard generates 6 hp at 5000 rpm ( round per minute) means equivalent  to 6 horses pulling this Vespa. Well ! That is true.

  8. What is CC? CC stands for Cubic Centimeters . So 150 cc means 150 cubic centimeters on the compression space. That is the volume of Piston or Cylinder . If you hear  the terms Bore and Stroke of the Piston is 58.5mmx54mm, which mean 58.5mm for Bore and 54mm for Stroke. 58.5mm is Diameter of the Piston and 54mm is for the height. So how do we do to make it become 150cc. Let's do some calculations. The volume of the Piston is equal to PixR2xH, Pi is a constant=3.142, R is radius of the Piston and H is the height of the piston. 3.142x(58.5/2)^2x54=146069 cubic millimeters= 146cc. Done!. So when you want to buy Piston or/and Cylinder, make sure you have the right Bore and Stroke measurement. Note: Different Bore and Stroke measurements can make up 150cc but it will be wrong to put in to you scooter.

Helpful Hints:

  1. Like any other classical item, scooters can reach speeds up to 60 mph. We recommend you use scooter safely and wear the appropriate protection. We do not recommend racing or abusing your new scooter. We are very proud of our quality scooters and hope you are too. Please ride your new Classic scooter with care.

  2. Please check and clean your scooter weekly to maintain maximum performance, reliability and longevity.

  3. Your scooter comes equipped with a two-stroke type engine; please don't forget to mix oil to the gasoline. Typically  is 2 percent of your full tank gas. 

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